The Sound

Sometimes the world feels so loud. Everybody is talking, Nobody has anything good to say. Heavy words are thrown carelessly They slice at our skin, Though they don’t cut as deep anymore. It’s a verbal assault With each syllable gaining velocity I try to protect my ears from the attack as I whisper Be quiet,…… Continue reading The Sound



A Sister dressed in black and white Preaches about the one true Mother To Mothers with empty bellies, empty hands Their children call another woman across the Atlantic Mother. * Irish Mothers of disgrace Subjected to distorted idealisation and stigmatisation. You can only be a good Mother here if you follow the rules. Because here…… Continue reading Motherhood



She whispers in my ear, telling me I am nothing. She stands behind me when I look in the mirror, She pinches my fat like it’s play-doh. She unbuttons my jeans, examines my thighs She tells me I should try harder next time. She makes sure I know I will never be good enough. She…… Continue reading Darkness



On my hands and knees again Bleeding fingers Picking up shards of broken glass.   Eyes pricked with tears Annoyed at my own stupidity Why must everything I touch break?   Healed hands now cover my ears To block out broken shouts. It’s my fault this is happening again.   A mirror breaks backstage Costumed…… Continue reading Shattered


Medication Nation?

Presently, Ireland is spending 40% more than the EU average on pharmaceutical drugs each year. Our attitudes and reliance on over the counter drugs and prescription medication has been brought into question, most recently with a controversial documentary by RTE entitled “Medication Nation”. As a young person in Ireland who takes medication every day I…… Continue reading Medication Nation?