We need to talk about the monster in the room

The black shadow that creeps along the wall

A shadow even the sun can’t hide.

You can’t see him?

That’s because he is hiding

Behind your brother, parent, friend.

They smile at you, concealing the horror

Acting like nothing is wrong,

Like the shadow doesn’t exist

Thinking you will be better off not knowing.

But look closer …

Every so often you will notice a slip

You will see the outline of the monstrous shadow

That wants to block out all the light.


We need to talk about the monster in the room

I know we don’t want to-

We want to believe that they don’t exist,

That they were left behind in our childhood

Along with all the other mystical beings.

But the monster is real, he’s alive

And he breathes the same air as us,

Contaminating many of us, and

If he can’t reach us that way

He will claw at us, leaving scars

On wrists, stomachs and thighs.

The parasitic shadow,

That can split into a million pieces,

Becoming host in the bodies

Of the people we love.


We need to talk about the monster in the room

Talking is the only way to take away his power.


9 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Hi there Len, the title said ” I try to write from time to time”….well what I have read then if you write minute after minute for the 24 hours of the day you would probably win the Nobel prize of Literature. Great read.

    Liked by 1 person

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