Night Terrors

We all have a favourite time of day

Mine is the night,

when it’s dark outside

and the blackness hugs me

like a warm blanket.


Life is no longer too bright,

Everything is unclear

so our imaginations can pretend that

Everything is beautiful.

In the dark We control the light.


It’s dark outside now,

and I no longer feel alone.

The crowds have gone to sleep

and the world has stopped crying

the tears of the Tortured.


But sometimes when it gets dark outside,

I wrap the blanket too tight around me

so the blackness enters my pores

and I struggle to breathe,

suffocated by the night.


Its dark outside and

I can’t sleep.

In the darkness my imagination

can only conjure up images of Horror

and I impatiently wait for morning.


I wait for the brightness

to shine away fictional Horrors

people will wake up

and I won’t be alone anymore.

The sun will smile, clouds will swim


and my night terrors

will dissolve into a nightmare.


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