A Question Of Humanity

There are people who walk this earth

Mortals with no morality.

Hellish humans pretending to be us

They look like us, they dress like us,

But they do not act like us.


They are the people who strap bombs

Onto their chests

Explosives wrapped around a heartless cage

In a final hug before

Leaving this world with the kiss of death.

Hugs and Kisses

Things victims never got to give loved ones

Because they were never to know

The London tube and bus

The Al-Jubba and Kuwait mosque,

Or even the UN peacekeeping base

Would give them their final goodbye.

The resting grave of the murdered and murderer.


They are the people who crash plans into towers

Who, gun in hand, stalk Norwegian islands

Children filled cinema’s screening Batman

Bible study classes for the devoted

American high schools

And Kenyan universities.

They give no thought

To the massacre of an entire village

The rape and torture of men, women and children.

And will happily raid

The offices of a satirical news magazine in Paris

Or a café in Sydney

Or a museum in Tunisia.


There are people who walk this earth

Who do not deserve to be called people

Because they will never feel what it’s like to love, to care

And we, the real people, will never

Allow them to defeat us.


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