Enjoy or Endure

I’ve always had quite a blasé attitude towards life. It wasn’t an enjoyment but rather an experience that had to be endured. In my mind, this life is all we get. It’s the only time we consciously exist. There is no before or after. So most of us just endure it.

Of course there is periods of enjoyment, personal utopia’s we experience for fractions of moments throughout our lives. Bliss. Short-lived contentment. Moments so perfect in their simplicity they can only be described as beautiful.

But, unfortunately these moments don’t last. The rest of life is hard, often harder for most than others, but that is not something worth comparing. Nobody lives a perfect life. Nobody lives a simple life.

Endurance is permanent, enjoyment is temporary. But we endure so we can enjoy.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today and I’m beginning to wonder if we live this life in anticipation of these utopian moments, does that mean we are all actually enjoying life and not merely enduring it?


9 thoughts on “Enjoy or Endure

  1. I think there are things that occur every single moment that are beautiful. But we miss them. It’s not the few Utopian moments in life that we believe are extraordinary that matter, rather, it’s how you spend/view your every single day. Who smiled? Did you exercise (& how did it make you feel)? Pet your pup?
    It’s all in perception. Some can’t appreciate the listed things above. Instead they live their lives in anticipation of the rarest moments life has to offer (weddings, births, etc.), when they’re missing out what’s happening right in front of them.
    Therefore I’d agree in that we could potentially enjoy life rather than simply ‘endure’ it. Although it is a choice.

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  2. I’ve always endured life and therefore missed the enjoyable moments…I’m still learning how to be present and enjoy the moment 🙂


  3. “We endure so we can Enjoy”
    Couldn’t have said it better. I think there are a few moments we all love and cherish, some people like simple warmth, others like to seek energy externally and we seek them. Life, as you say, does have its hardships, but when we compare our happy moments to the not so happy ones, we can appreciate the better moments from the good ones.
    I love your previous poems, too. 🙂

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  4. I took this in. I wanted to make sense of what you said, sort it out for myself then reckon it with what I know. So I reread it read the comments. I’m still speechless. You’ve captured a thought so well as if you pulled it right from my own synapses. Do I enjoy the enduring life? Or endure to enjoy the life? What’s my value for one without the other?


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