Blood Diamond

Humans are united by shared pain

When something bad happens

We find ourselves meeting together

Seeking solace in those

Who understand what we are feeling


Thats why we all found ourselves

In their house that night

No one really talking –

What could we possibly say?

But we stayed together in solidarity

Pretending to watch a movie on television

But like the others in the room

I couldn’t concentrate

I was too busy trying not to fall apart

Knowing I would have to go home later

And pretend nothing had happened

Knowing that this was affecting me

Differently to everybody else

Knowing I would never tell them why


We came together, united by pain

Merged as one in the same waking nightmare

Seeking solace in those

Who didn’t understand what we were feeling

Wearing the face of grief

Without ever putting it into words

United, but apart

Suffering together, but on our own.


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