A Continuous Reality

“How can people aim guns at each other? Sometimes they go off.” Ulysses, James Joyce (1922)


Innocent confusion,

Wondering what does the killing,

Guns or people?

Confused, wondering why

Does the temptation exist?

Another news report lacks surprise

Murder, manslaughter, self-defence,

Whatever They want to call it.

Innocent confusion,

Wondering why they can’t see

When you aim, you take risk.

When you shoot, you kill.

Murder, manslaughter, self defence

Whatever They want to call it.

Yet I’m confused

To why this temptation still exists

Sold as merchandise

Legally and illegally

Killing, legally and illegally

A gun goes off, off, off

Another life lost, lost, lost

Innocent confusion,

Wondering where the justice is.

Blame temptation,

Blame availability

But never blame us.


10 thoughts on “A Continuous Reality

  1. I like your thoughts here. Where does the killer lie? In the hands or the heart? Before guns there was death. I’m leaning to the latter. Great repetitiveness added the confusion.

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      1. Its always sad to know.
        Looking at how far civilisation seems to have come, its worrisome that we still revert back to the brutality of war for the resolution of our issues.


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