Soul Searching

I found the soul I accidently gave away

You see, I thought I’d lost it years before,

That it escaped its body, after another night

Of being pushed against a pillow

As the body tried to silence its screams.

I thought it was gone until I saw it in your hands-

As you played with it.


I want it back- give it back!

It’s not a toy, another one of your play-things

For those few minutes when you’re bored.

All these years searching and it ended in your hands

Careless hands belonging to a care-less soul

So now the body is screaming again,

Desperate plea’s to finally feel complete.


All I want is my soul.


9 thoughts on “Soul Searching

  1. Powerful. Brutal. Beautiful. The imagery evokes a sense of desperation. A search ending with heavy finds.

    It is everything in me not to write, “holy shit, this is so brilliantly god damn beautiful.”

    Liked by 1 person

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