Catholic School

Catholic schoolgirl with no faith

A maroon skirt, rolled up at the waist,

Only to be hitched up higher

By the wind on the walk home.

Mumbling prayers to a god

She tried so hard to believe in.


A girl is taken out of class again

Told to buy a new school jumper

By a principle who has no worry for money.

Schoolgirls are taken out of class again

Told their weaves are ‘unnatural’

By a principle with a bleached blonde perm.


Catholic schoolgirls with different faiths

Sitting in a church- attendance is compulsory

Walking through old, dark corridors

Making up stories of sex, murder and suicide,

To explain the haunting-

That feeling of never feeling safe.


A girl wonders if more students

Cry in the corridors, than laugh.

Schoolgirls, hiding in the bathroom

To mitch, or purge, or cut, or smoke-

Individual forms of relief

In the place they couldn’t express themselves.


A Catholic school of high prestige

And troubled students.


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