People lived the year in anticipation

Wondering could life as it was continue on.

I too lived that year in anticipation

Wondering could life as it was continue on

In my little world called family.


But I wasn’t thinking of the end of the millennium,

The alignment of planets nor,

An eradication of human existence.

Instead I was thinking of a new human life,

Watching my mothers’ stomach swell

As she created something unknown to me.


I was given a new name that year,

-Sister –

A title I couldn’t yet fully understand.

Childish explanations of life and growth

And how our family was expanding.

Two of us for two of them,

And the same unconditional love.


Hair pulling, tell-tales and now

Empty hangers in my wardrobe

Have marked the passing of sixteen years.

Or rather,

Hair styling, fairytales and now

The sharing of clothes (mostly agreed)

Have marked the past sixteen years.


So, when the bells chimed and the ball was dropped

On that millennial New Years Eve

People exhaled in a sigh of relief, but not me –

I inhaled.


2 thoughts on “1999

  1. Splendid. Yes, the beginning pulled me in, bringing my own memory from that time period and that night waiting for the “end of it all”. Then your dovetail into new terrain, so well described, with an ending that just how a poem should end.

    Liked by 2 people

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