Darkening November

The artificial changing of clocks

Have brought the night closer

Bringing twilight unnecessarily earlier –

Once my favourite time of day.

But no, not November,

Annually arriving to darken my days.


Everything looks so grey

And the fog outside

Has entered my mind.

A grey month

With a slice of pale blue

To cut my thoughts,

My senses.

I want nothing more

Than to sleep,

Hide away and hibernate.

To let it pass

Without emotion.


I don’t want to feel this much.


Rain falling and tears falling –

Nobody wants to deal with this.

People asking me more questions

Than I dare ask myself,

They’ve noticed the change,

My darkening

Along with the evenings.


They say I’m sad, with a

Disorder affected by

The seasons change.

It’s easier then,

To be collected together

With him and her.

It’s easier for you to explain

Our natural change

Of moving backwards,

As we mechanically,

Though not emotionlessly,

Move with the clocks.


We don’t want to feel this much.


Dreams of being wrapped

In some one’s embrace,

So my only darkness

Is the comfort of their shadow

Under their frame –

A warm cocoon,

So I can emerge almost beautiful

When this coldness ends.

A spring butterfly,

Fluttering amongst the leaves

November once killed.


We won’t always feel like this.


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