Political Agenda

An unethical coalition of Church and State,

An old, corrupt lifestyle for traditions sake.

Unelected leaders to control the elected

As the Irish attend parliament, kneeling on pews.

God becomes our education, regardless of belief

Twenty-first century legal brainwashing of infants.

The free nation State, still caught in bondage.

“This is a Catholic country”

The nurse tells the dying Hindu woman.

A government that sends “thoughts and prayers”

To the suffering abroad in empty packages.

Weekly church attendance is school attendance.

A population sent to the confessions boxes,

Because everything we do is a sin.

Atheist outcasts, questioned for questioning

Encouraged to fake faith, for the sake of another

Catholicism comes first in this hierarchy.

Call this oppression a form of modern democracy

As the personal is taken from a person’s religion.

Believe what you may, but keep it a freedom

A law for the chosen people, not the land.


6 thoughts on “Political Agenda

    1. Unfortunately it is. though nobody likes to admit it, even is cases of extreme discrimination and the neglect of human rights. Freedom of religion is incredibly important, as well as our freedom to choose,


    1. There is no official movement as such, as many people are still happy to view the country as a Catholic State despite the gross injustices that have occurred (the Magdalene Laundries for example) However there are movements such as Atheist Ireland (http://atheist.ie/) that are trying to make the Irish education system more accommodating to children who are not baptised.


  1. I believe that intolerance and bigotry can be found in any form of beliefs be they raligious or non r.. It is part I’m afraid of the human psyche. I think that we are moving away from Ireland of the dark ages. We need a world that embraces all regardless of creed or colour. Let’s not replace not replace one Catholic dictatorship with another.


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