One Day

It’s worse when it happens by accident,

Stumbling across those old words

Stumbling, fumbling, mumbling.

Crying. Always fucking crying.

It’s the kind words that hurt the most –

It hurts to hate the good in your life.

I try to keep them filed away,

Lost in a myriad of sentences.

But their print remains amongst my own.


I could delete them, lose them forever

Listen to my mind and not my heart

But I’m waiting impatiently patient

For when they don’t make me cry

When I can accept the good,

And love them for what they were.

One day it won’t be an accident

When I whisper those words to myself.

One day, I will neither stumble nor cry


5 thoughts on “One Day

  1. Every moment in life is a new experience, we learn from our mistakes and should celebrate our successes. Notes written in anger or depression were thoughts of yesterday’s, don’t bury them, burn them and live for the present.

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