What You Think

You have given me a title, a label, an excuse

But a simple name cannot simply explain.

It’s not what can make people understand

The physicality of my mentality.

It is too fragile of a subject for words

To exist to describe the things I felt;

The inexplicable allure of the bathroom floor

The rational calmness of irrational pain

And the logic of cutting off air

When I was already struggling to breathe.


The title creates a stereotypical image

A reality that really isn’t real

Descriptions, prescriptions and restrictions

An identity given before I could identify myself.


I struggle to accurately explain

To the vast numbers who have asked me to

Why I expressed myself to a pillow, not a person

Why I dealt with loneliness by staying alone

Why I thought that loving someone

Meant pushing them away, for their sake.

I have lived up to the expectations of me

But there are days when I can defy them,

When I feel like more than your label.


Nothing can be explained in just a word,

As emotions are much more than a combination of letters.

I’ve spoken to others branded the same

But we have never felt the same.

So even we can’t fully understand one another.

Individualism is a mystery

Which is why self-discovery is so important

Identify yourself, never let another define you.


You have given me a title, a label, an excuse

But I just do not care anymore.


14 thoughts on “What You Think

      1. I feel like as a reader I’m missing what you’re actually talking about
        So although your language and structure is very good it’s too much of a specific mystery for me to relate to
        Not criticism, just my opinion


      2. Well I appreciate it 🙂 For me, this is a personal poem, referring to specific things in my life so I can understand your confusion. I wanted to write about my mental health and the labels I feel like it has given me. But I really appreciate receiving some one else’s opinion. Thank you 🙂

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  1. I love how your opening verse paints a picture of a stereo type person. Then you turn that into something not so typical. Great way of using the readers predispositions! Labels shmables grab a marker it’s easy enough to cross out. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad that you’ve peeled off the label and stepped outside the box. Labels in the human sense can be restrictive, it’s brave to expose just a little of what lies beneath. Well written.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You shouldn’t. People label all the time. It’s their hobby.
    You fight back, they label you as something else. You ignore, they label you as something else again.
    It’s better to not care.

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