What The Stars Told Me

I wrote something last night,
A constellation of words
With the influence of astrology.
A fascinating combination of
Logical science and fictional psychology.
I cannot reveal my prediction
For it is not in your horoscope
To discover my present and future.


I wrote something last night
Idea’s inspired from fading stars.
I wrote something I cannot share
For it holds the power to make you
Believe in horoscopes again.
Because then you would know
That nothing that happens surprises me
I’ve already read it in the night sky
As I walked home alone.
I saw the past and followed the lineage
To a time we won’t experience.


I’m afraid to share my own words now
Derived from a pre-existing force
In fear of your contorted predictions,
Always so different to my readings.
My creativity has been suppressed
And I now struggle to share
These constellations I discovered.
So I deliver the stars as
Words that can make you think
But never fully understand.
Which is unfortunate,
Because everything, including us,
Was created from those stars.


10 thoughts on “What The Stars Told Me

  1. You, my friend, are brilliant 🙂

    I feel there’s a different deeper meaning to a superficial one that is covered by symbolism, but do correct me if I’m wrong XD

    I loved it, speechless by the first stanza. Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

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