It’s easy to call me self-ish, self-absorbed, self-indulgent

Yet another person obsessed with her-self

Stories about my-self always on the tip of my self-ish tongue

Pity me please, “It’s worse for me than it is for you”

This is what it wants to say – And all too often does.

That battle I fought against my-self for so long

The battle that therapy taught me could only be won

By thinking of my-self and learning to be self-ish.

But it’s hard to turn that off, no matter how much I try

I want to show you I care but my self-ishness won’t allow it.

See, I’m obsessed with my-self – that you already know –

But it’s in the most unhealthy and destructive way.

I’m always thinking of my-self, often only my-self

And how to prevent that battle repeating it-self

It appears that therapy taught me that I should love my-self

Appreciate my-self and put my-self first for a healthy life

But my self-ishness is not about love, just self-obsession

Obsession with a body and mind detached from my-self.


There was a time when “self” wasn’t in my vocabulary

Now that it is though, I dislike my-self even more.


3 thoughts on “Self-ishness

  1. I’ll take this time to wish you a happy new year. It’s obvious that you have talent and as long as you channel this in the right direction you will have a good year. Look forward to reading more

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  2. Very artfully put. It can be difficult to balance personal wants and needs against those of others. How do you fairly decide who is more important when you are one of the players?

    Liked by 1 person

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