Embarrassing stuff, this speech impediment of mine can be

Emphasis on certain letters, stuttered when I’m nervous

But it’s not just simply limited to one easy ‘s

It’s a stigmatised harshness to all my soft letters

Adding an unnecessary aggressive nature to my speech

A reason not to be taken seriously at all times

Or an excuse as I would say if it wasn’t such a struggle

I try to shout to be heard but all that you hear is letters.

My shame of this difference – having something to be teased about.

Nowadays it’s not always noticeable, just released under pressure

Seriousness so quickly transformed into mocking,

Knocking down of the small confidence of someone oncso small

Growing up, practicing self-control and self-awareness

But always aware of a weakness, available for teasing.

Attendance to countless sessions to suppress a lisp,

It’s amazing how much it shows up in a sentence.

Self-conscious of an unconscious way of speaking

Thus practicing writing, and falling in love with a silent art.


4 thoughts on “Lisp

  1. You handled this in such a clever way. I personally have a friend who is pretty successful despite his lisp and stutter but the road there wasn’t isn’t. And no matter how successful you may become despite it, you’re never rid of those looks people give. I love how you’ve taken what could be a weakness and here made it a strength.


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