To miss the aim where you should have placed your trust

To then lose all respect and faith in yourself and them.


Previous thoughts were of a safe present, but a forgotten future

“This is okay, this is safe” – but now this is all wrong

This is not how it was supposed to be.

See, the trust is now gone, lost in a mutual non-spoken agreement

But the stories and heartache remain true and remembered

Easily available to be turned and twisted toward me

Moments of weakness have now become cruel taunts

The cut of these words can be sharper than any blade.

So once again I put on extra layers of skin to hide the marks

And dodging words and the fear that I will let this happen again.


One thought on “Mistrust;

  1. Concise, deep and revealing. Very well written. It is more important to trust in yourself and your own abilities. We should not be afraid of the future as we don’t know yet what it will bring.


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