Coffee, the antidote and the disease

Caffeine, the chemical always ingested

To spread an infection,

While simultaneously being the cure.

It’s another night of being kept awake,

Of jittery limbs and running thoughts.

It’s your fuel to talk to me with

Sugar, to sweeten my words.

As our inner emotions,

With those hot warning signs

Leak out to scald our bare skin

When we thought we had the cure –

A salvation to nothingness.

But we just polluted our bodies

With toxins messing the chemicals

On an unbalanced emotional scale.


I’m drinking caffeine again

Writing nonsensical poetry again.

So I guess it’s for the best,

We don’t meet for coffee again.


One thought on “Coffee

  1. I was hoping fora line about its diarrhetic effects as a metaphor for what sometimes comes out from the jittery say anything to be in the coffee crowd. No, I’m just kidding loved the link of coffee and love as an addiction.


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