Going Under

It’s a gentle slap – the only of its kind

As the water hits the corroded rocks to stone to sand

The breaking down of land and mind.

A pulsating river, beating faster than my heart

As I watch from a broken stone wall

Sitting but wishing I was swimming amongst its ferocity

Being pushed away, that regular pattern –

But this time I’m in control.

A natural cleansing of all I carry

As I taste the freedom and salt of the Atlantic.

Water under the bridge, myself under the water

Only emerging for brief seconds at a time

A flick of my hair, a kick of my legs

And sky blue becomes sea blue once more.

Soft slaps of waves hit my body as I glide

With an agility I could never possess on land.


I wonder, as I sit and breathe and watch

Why I have always loved being in the water

Why it offers me such peace despite its danger.

As the tears roll down my cheeks I realise it’s because,

Underwater no one can tell that you’re crying.


Photo credit: http://www.galwayphotographssite.com/city/river_east.html


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