Episode II


When it hurts you repeat that familiar mantra,

Desperate tear stained plea’s for peace of mind

An end to all this suffering, this feeling.

Too much. It’s just too much.

“Make this go away make this go away, please.”

But when that numbness finally arrives – Hope leaves.

And it’s feeling nothing that is truly dangerous.

No longer feeling alive is a deadly thing.

Dreams can’t even offer an alternative reality

When you’re not able to fall asleep.

So you just lie there, numb, unmoving

As life around you carries on.

You are the living dead, caught in limbo

Balancing delicately on strings of support,

Offering you life, through theirs.

The hug of a loved one, warming your cold heart and a

Whisper into your dormant mind “this too shall pass”

As you slowly remember how much you have.

You are loved. You are important.

You have the skill to run across those strings

And greet Hope at the other end.


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