Land of Wonder

I’m searching for an adventure Alice

I’m lost in an unfamiliar world Alice

I’m tumbling Alice, both frightened and brave Alice.

I’m just trying to get home Alice

As I stumble across a gathering I wasn’t invited to.

Three participants gather around an enclosed alley,

I’m greeted by one with his Cheshire Cat grin

That will continue to haunt even after he is gone.

I’m the timid mouse in this tale and these cats

Are looking for something richer than blood

In a nonsense game played without rules.

Surprisingly these ones don’t even smell like alcohol

For I’m the only one who has drank the potent potion

As I shrink down down down.


Years before I was still Alice

Dressed in her little dress, only a little child Alice

Trying to get away from the strange Mad Hatter,

Who had drank more than just tea.

Because I am one of many Alice’s

Caught in the notion of wrong place wrong time.

Ridiculousness and sickly moral-less humanity

With the lust and greed and want of hybrid creatures

Who like to see themselves as human

When they possess the qualities of untamed animals

I am Alice. You are Alice. We are all Alice,

Stuck in a so-called wonderland

Where we face unfair trials and social expectations.

We are stretched and broken down

Moulded like toys to fit our surroundings,

With a Cheshire cat hiding behind every corner

Waiting to pounce when we are alone.


I’m Alice, searching for an adventure,

I’m Alice, lost in an unfamiliar world,

I’m tumbling Alice, both frightened and brave Alice.

And too often I am left looking for remnants of wonder

In this land of false grins and grim expectations.



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