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Naivety is an art form

That damages all beauty, all resilience.

Naivety is a nonchalant shrug

A discreet eye roll

It’s a skill mastered to perfection.

Naivety is incomprehensible

Making sense only inside of the artists mind

As it cannot sustain itself outside of it.

Naivety comes with an air of superiority

As it dismisses the obvious.

It’s defined as a lack of understanding

A lack of experience, of knowledge.

But it is also the closing of the mind

When you have seen and heard all you desire.

Naivety is an art form

Designed to only study the middle of a painting

Ignoring the brilliance surrounding it.

It’s reading only the one true book

While sitting in a library.

It’s looking at a human body

And deeming a cluster of cells in the abdomen

To be the most important life form.

Naivety is a pretty term for ignorance.

It is a childish illusion

That leads to oppression

Naivety is an art form

It is a disruptive art, an ugly art –


And Ireland has always created many extraordinary artists.


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