Somebody Other Than Me

I want to move through this life with elegant ease

No longer stumbling on my too small feet,

Poised and graceful, comfortable inside this scarred skin.


I want to have the confidence and self-assurance I see in others

Who laugh loudly in their groups of friends

Knowing everyone in the room wants them there.


I want to be able to enjoy one-on-one company

Instead of stressing about how boring I can be,

Convincing myself you just want to stand up and leave the room.


I want to know how to fall in love

To stop finding temporary comforts in others

Who don’t really care about me anyway.


I want to stop being a burden

An inconvenience who requires too much attention,

A person who is willing to manipulate to get what she wants.


I want to no longer be afraid of myself

Of sleep and nightmares and feeling like I cannot breathe,

I don’t want to hurt myself and others anymore.


I want to move through this life with simple ease

A happy mind, body and soul,

Finally someone who doesn’t find smiling painful.


I want to be somebody other than me.


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