Inauguration Day

Triumphant Trump stands on a podium

Sworn in as the 45th leader of the free world.

“Let’s make America Great Again” he says

As the rest of the world wonders when the nation was ever great.

There is an applause that doesn’t echo throughout the whole country,

People moan and complain

“He’s bringing shame to our countries name”

Because all the men who stood before him made the country great?

Like the never ending controversy that was the Bush Administration

Or the childish yet lovable Obama who sat cross legged on the Oval Room floor

Playing with his favourite toys – missiles and drones.

And may we never forget Nixon or Johnson who let young boys be picked like a lottery

To go to Vietnam where young girls were picked like a lottery.

Mỹ Lai still burns with their screams.


And then there’s Europe

Who wags our finger in contempt to the West

While using our other hand to block refugees from the East.

Forgetting we had the first modern wall, and people either side paid dearly for it.

We’re quick to judge on this inauguration day

But nationalism is rising here once again too.

Bringing it back to the 1920’s, as xenophobia becomes the latest trend.

Trump is just another card being played in an international game.

He represents the hierarchy that has always existed

But just like every man who came before him

He will be given too much control, too much power, too much trust.

And just like every man who came before him,

He is dangerous.


*side note: this was written very quickly and very late following the consumption of a generous amount of wine. The piece itself is not of a very high standard but it’s something I wanted to write after a day where all anyone talked about was the inauguration*


8 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

  1. Even with your note this piece I believe this is a very strong summation not only of yesterday’s events but of the state of global politics.
    With a little bit of wine you can roll into the the messy political madness that surrounds.
    I really enjoyed this and the simple fact that you put your thoughts out there!

    Liked by 1 person

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