we are The Hunger


we are 1845

we are famine

we are the children of Maedhbh, starving as a new queen reigns

we are second class citizens

we are a child buried under a hawthorne tree

we are coffinships carrying the dying to America

we are the Irish who are fighting to live

Hungry in more ways than one


we are The Hunger


we are 1981

we are the prisoners of the H-block

Unified by Neglect and Greed,

dying for Emancipation

dreaming of a Republic

we are terrorists

or activists

depending on which version of Christianity you believe in

we are dirty protests, living in our own filth, naked and


we are Bobby Sands

and Hughes, McCreesh, O’Hara, McDonnell, Hurson, Lynch, Doherty, McElwee, Devine


we are The Hunger


we are 2014

we are Miss Y

we are seeking refuge in Ireland

just to be abused by the State

to be fucked by an archaic Consititution

Cά bhfuil an tír le Céad Míle Fáilte?

somewhere inbetween woman and child

we are all second class citizens once again

this time it isn’t Victoria or Thatcher shaking an Iron Fist

but our own Kenny, yet another Taoiseach afraid of going against the teachings of the Irish Church

in a country without choice

we are Why

a young girl, denied bodily autonomy, tries to take back control of her body

and The Hunger begins once again

the life drains out of her as she is forced to give life to another

we are court ordered force feeding

we are Starving


we are The Hunger


Starving for Reform,

Repeal and Repent

we are entitled to our freedoms

to a bountiful and beautiful life

as a Nation

as a State

as a Person


no one should ever have to go Hungry again.





Ocras – Hunger

Cά bhfuil an tír le Céad Míle Fáilte? – Where is the country of a hundred thousand welcomes?

TaoiseachIrish Prime Minister



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