A Sister dressed in black and white

Preaches about the one true Mother

To Mothers with empty bellies, empty hands

Their children call another woman across the Atlantic Mother.


Irish Mothers of disgrace

Subjected to distorted idealisation and stigmatisation.

You can only be a good Mother here if you follow the rules.

Because here we will steal Motherhood

Or force Motherhood

Or deny Motherhood.

All the while, our constitution tells us we can only ever be Mothers.


But what does it take to be a Mother?


My own Mother, full of grace,

Encourages her children to be whoever we want to be.

She followed all the rules but encourages us to break them

To defy expectations

That try to box us into this oppressed ideal.

A Mother dressed in a black leather jacket

She smells of Coco Chanel and coffee on a Sunday morning.


My Mother sits on the right hand of our Father

Neither inferior nor superior.

Blessed to have the both,

We don’t need religion in this house to feel loved.

I have placed all my faith in them.


Ireland may not always respect Motherhood

So it’s important that we do.

We have a right to become Mothers.

We have a right not to become Mothers.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be a Mother

But if I decide to, I hope I am just as good as mine.



Happy Mother’s Day!


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