When the sun shined,

I would move my body under the water

Then rise

Placing my wrinkled palm along the surface

Just so I could feel that gentle


I felt weightless along with the world

Peacefully floating

Just another cloud in the earth’s sky.

I imagined this was what heaven felt like

And we are just fallen angels.


Now, no longer weightless

I feel everything

Pressing me back down into the dirt every time

I rise.

I’m landlocked and drowning on air

As the angry sky tells me there is no heaven.

Tears taste just like the sea

But this shallow pool can only fit an ego.

Desperately, I try to create a new ocean

I move my body, running and diving

Just to remember what my heartbeat feels like.

I place my dry palm on my skin

Just to feel,


Then raising my face to an empty sky,

I wait for the sun to shine again.


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