Sea of Yellow

We move alongside the water

Waking to the gentle slap of the Atlantic in Salthill

Or the soft wave of the Boyne in Navan.

We are swimming against the tide of stigma,

The tide that tried to catch us, to drown some of us.

We illuminate the darkness,

Breaking through with the strength of solidarity.

Early morning silence is disrupted by yawns and laughter

While the youngest participant stays asleep in their pram.

This affects every single one of us,

And we gather regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religion.

We run, jog and walk as the sun rises

Marking the beginning of a new day.

Our journey eventually comes to an end

and we are greeted by lights spelling out one simple word –




Every year an average of 500 people die by suicide in Ireland.

Suicide is one of the leading cause of death among young people and the rate of youth suicide, at 15.7 per 100,000 15-24 year olds, is the fifth highest in Europe.

Pieta House provides a free counselling service to people in Ireland who are suicidal or self harming. You can donate €2 to Pieta House by texting PIETA to 50300.

You can find your nearest Pieta House and contact details here

Image source: Cuckoo Events


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